Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Puchong - Dec 18, 2007
It is a joy and it is a blessing to see one smile, so imagine if you were the one that created that smile on the face of a little innocent one? Since life is never perfect for anyone in the world, the fortunate ones can only help the less fortunate ones make their life a little better. Through the own free will and kind intentions of individuals from different racial and religious backgrounds, it was a blessing for us to come together to spend a few hours of our time on the 18th of December 2007 to light the hearts of the less fortunate ones.
Commercial Space in KL  Commercial Space in KL 
Twenty four less fortunate children from Rumah Juara Puchong entertained us with their great voices to show appreciation and gratitude for being there on this very memorable day. Tasty pieces of KFC chicken, nutritious fresh fruits and little treats of chocolates and sweets were given to the children. Upon our arrival, it was a joy to see their smiles and lighted faces when they saw new faces of company and it touched our hearts to hear their voices through the few songs and little performances that were done by them. During lunch hour, we served the children food and enjoyed a simple lunch with them. Special moments were shared chatting and laughing and then to the outdoors with a game of Frisbee.
The individuals that participated in this very meaningful event donated kindness and cash, and most importantly they dedicated love and generosity, which money cannot buy. It was a priceless memory to treasure for us and we will be making this a yearly affair that we come together to share the wants of seeing more smiles.
What could be better then seeing another one smile?